NSW Early Childhood Environmental Education Network

What is ECEEN

The NSW Early Childhood Environmental Education Network (ECEEN) evolved from an early childhood advisory group established by the NSW Environment Protection Authority to support environmental education in the early childhood sector.

ECEEN is managed by a voluntary board from diverse backgrounds, with a wide range of expertise and experience.

The aim of the network is to bring together interested people and organisations in order to promote the paramount importance of integrating environmentally sustainable education into all facets of young children’s lives in NSW.

Our Mission:

Together we must dream of a great place to live, a place that is fair and equitable, that values the Earth and all its life and resources for future generations.

ECEEN acts to bring this dream to reality by

  • Supporting NSW services under the Education and Care Services National Regulations,
  • offering a range of programs to develop and implement an environmentally sustainable business plan, known in Australian Children's Services as a Quality Improvement Plan, and
  • advocating for the recognition and prioritisation of sustainability within the sector’s domain through the Alliance of Australian Early Childhood Sustainability Networks, and the Australian Association of Environmental Educators Early Childhood Special Interest Group.

ECEEN believes experiences in our early years provide an opportunity for life strong learning, that our habits of future years will be influenced by the actions of those around us now who help us to see, to feel, to question and to value our world.

We believe the relationships fostered in children’s services between educators, children and families are the foundations of a caring, sustainable community to nurture ECEEN’s DREAM.

Established in 2004 as a not for profit association, the Early Childhood Environmental Education Network welcomes membership of those who also aspire to this vision and represents the diversity of the early years sector.


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